A confident voice, professional and assured; young (20s-30s), clear and genuine.

André is a London-based voiceover artist. He is equipped with his own professional home studio so can ensure a fast turnaround of the highest quality on most voice projects. He is also within easy reach of any central London recording studio. His particular upbringing means that he is perfectly bilingual, equally fluent in French and English, with a native neutral accent in both languages. Don't believe it? Have a listen to the voice demos and explainer videos on this page.

He is experienced in many areas of voice work, with particular expertise in explainer videos. Other areas he has worked in include E-Learning, gaming, dubbing, ADR, trailers, audiobooks, animations, podcasts, exhibitions and language teaching websites. He can deliver a voiceover in English with a neutral English accent, English with a French accent, French with a neutral French accent or French with an English accent!

Having studied Physics to Doctorate level, he is highly comfortable voicing technical material, with scientific, medical, mathematical or engineering content.

Past clients include Microsoft, Sainsbury’s, Hewlett Packard, Mazda, Marriott/Starwood, The Red Cross, The Imperial War Museums, Palladium Boots, Wibbu, Listening Books, GINX TV, Juniper Networks, emailvision (now SmartFocus), FrenchAssistant.com and Showtime.

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"André Refig is an amazing professional. He is able to deliver a consistent and timely performance both for corporate tone work and for more stretching character based productions. His ability both to listen to English and then reproduce a synced French language performance simultaneously (with a script provided of course) is remarkable, with a very low error rate. He is very friendly, very cooperative, always punctual and we value him both as an actor to call upon and someone who we trust with our reputation."

-Steven Gurevitz, 2002 Studios Media, London

All voice demos produced by Guy Michaels at VO Kickstart